I would like to add you to:
Linked In
Live Journal
Google Chat
Friendster network
As many as possible
Some Other Network ( Please indicate URL: )

I want to be your internet friend because:
I met you in person and
we should virtually hang out
we have business to do
we should catch up on art/culture/internet/etc.
we should stay in touch
I want to share pictures/mp3s/video/comics with you via a network I'm on.
you left your keys at my place yesterday and are now locked out of your house.
I am 'networking', whatever that is
I admire and respect you
I secretly loathe you
I have no life and just add everyone I know
It's just a whim
You are friends with my boyfriend/girlfriend and I want to keep tabs on them.
You are friends with my ex -boyfriend/girlfriend and I want to keep tabs on them.
I don't know many people in this town.
I don't know many people in this country.
I don't know many people, period.
You owe me money
I owe you money
I want to learn the English better

We haven't met but
I am a fan of your blog ( Please indicate which blog   )
I am a fan of your fashion sensibility
I am a fan of your comics
I am a fan of your music
I'm just a fan in general
I read an interview of yours
I want to interview you
I want to review your writing / comics / art stuff
My social network indexed all my emails and yours came up so I am spamming out invitations.
Oh my gosh, I just Googled you and your name came up! I haven't seen you in years and now I must add you to my network!
We're already friends on another 'social network', so I'm adding you to my other ones.
I am friend of your family coming to visit.
I am a fake identity designed to lure you onto a dating social network.
I am an automated program that sends out random invites to a social network.
I am a friend of a friend (see below).

I am a friend of a friend and thought I should add you because
We have so much in common!
I hope to crash on your couch and eat all the food in your fridge until I can find a job.
I routinely add friends of my friends.
I'm too shy to ask you out.
I'm a stalker.

Even though we haven't met,
You are in a category I am looking to meet more people in
Please indicate category: 
I'm really, really bored.
I'm trying to get as many 'friends' on the internet as possible.
I'm really, really bored.
I want to learn the english better.

Did you find this form helpful?
Wow, the internet is really becoming complicated.
You are too damn sarcastic. Lighten up.
I don't understand, won't you be my friend?
Want to speak well the english
Oh man, I'm giving up on networking and joining NOSO.

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